USA Web Hosting Companies

Do you know how many web hosting companies exist in the internet industry? In fact we don't know either, because there are many and many of them, with different hosting plans, if some are USA web hosting companies so other are from other places, are you planning to create a website and go online, do you have any business and want to sell product? You can build various types of websites.

We have list these web hosting companies, which are USA web hosting providers, you can check and compare their hosting plans, and you know your website requirements, take your time to find the hosting features which you need.

Choose your Web Hosting from the list below:- USA web hositng packages
Web Host USA Company Price Domain Money Back Country Details
JustHost $6.95 Free 30-Day USA Company
iPage $1.99 Free 30-Day USA Company
BlueHost $5.95 Free 30-Day USA Company
HostMetro $4.95 Free 30-Day USA Company

Are you starting your website really from the beginning, you may never ever have create any website, and you don't know what to do, and how web hosting works, well its normal don't worry there are many people, who even does not know how to code or build a website for their online business, and which hosting plan to choose what are the different web hosting features and what they do.

1. Do your home work, first you need to find out what your website needs, are you planning to create eCommerce, site, do you need dedicated hosting, or your site is simple ans you just need a static website or blog etc.

2. To let you know, there are different types of hosting options, which you can choose for your company. To name few as shared web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicate hosting, in the list all USA web hosting companies provide these type of hosting solutions for your website.

3. Now you need to find the web host for your website, Your site will be stored and the web server of hosting, and when a user type your bussness domain name so that will be shown on internet browser, by now you should already compared the web hosting companies, their plans and features.

Shared Hosting in USA

Shared web hosting is for you. Yes, if your website is new and you don't want to spend a lot of money in the beginning, and you just want a startup for your new company. Shared web hosting can be the best choice, its a type of budget hosting, and the hosting companies plans are packed with many useful features.

VPS(Virtual Private Servers) Hosting USA

After spending some time with shared web hosting, and now you are getting well traffic to your website, and want to go step a head, so its time to change your hosting to VPS, its not that expensive but you have to pay more money than shared hosting, because it has more power ans speed plus security.

Dedicated Hosting in USA

If you think that your business is now became a full time job, and you need a independent web hosting server, and full control and your website needs advance features, so its time to hos your site in dedicated environment. On one side this hosting solution is a need option for a business companies, and on the other side the price is very expensive, and who don't want this type of hosting, if they can pay the bills.

So let s make things little more easier, you are not sure about selecting a hosting plan, than you can quickly start with shared web hosting, this is the most common one for any new website, and it will not cost you much, about $24 for one year $1.99 for month, that's what ipage hosting offers. And later you can also switch your hosting plan to VPS an option with featured pack or the most wanted plan dedicated hosting in the feature, the choice will be any time.