Web Hosting Basics

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Different types of sites and various hosting options. to undertsant about web hosting, read this basic information. You may not know about web hosting, and how ti works, tha'ts why we have created this page to give you a brief knowledge about different types of web hosting, information about website that how they come online on internet, and web hosts they are the companies which offer hosting and domains.

Chapter 1: What is web hosting?

Did you ever thought that where the website is coming from and how, when you type the web address on browser, and the website shows online.

That's what web hosting does, web hosting or some people call it servers is space where all the web files, images and data gets stored in. Web hosts use technologies for their networks in order to access a website fast.

When some one wants to view a website, they simply type a web address domain name on browser, than web hosting provider connect that domain address with the servers and the website will be shown online. simple is that.

What is Website?

Website is collection of various pages linked with each other, website is like factory, you have different products, in website you can uplosad many pages to represent your business information

And web page is document on which you can put your website content, like about page, contact services, and product pages etc. when these pages are connected that's what website is.

Chapter 2: The Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting industry is huge, you may be get confuse when it comes to choosing the right web host, and there are different hosting plans and features technologies, you will face many options, but it can be easy if you spend a little time reading about types of hosting, and their packages and features. in the end it can be easy for you to buy the hosting your site require.

In this section we will briefly explain about Shared, Virtual Private Server(VPS) Dedicated Hosting.These are the hosting servers which you can store your website in, upload your files, data all your website information, but they differ in pricing according to features.

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is quite popular in the internet industry. One of the best thing is their cheap and affordable hosting plans, and most web hosts offer bonuses, free scripts cpanel, etc, some people call it the budget hosting. You can create websites on WordPress, Dynamic, E-commerce, Joomla, and different types, and does not require special knowledge, the setup is quite easy.

So whats the deal, nothing. Shared hosting share their resources, server and technologies, to many websites, it can be few, hundreds or even thousands of websites connected on same server, there is no exact number that how many web site a single server may host. If you are starting a website, blog or any business, shared hosting is the choice, it can give you a lot of benefits, than if your business and site traffics grows later you can change your hosting to VPS or dedicated.

Virtual Private Server(VPS)Hosting

VPS means Virtual Private Server, it runs on the main web server. don't confused it with shared hosting, there is a little difference, for example there is main server it is partitioned in few accounts than each account is independent server having its own operating system , while in shared hosting one server is shared to all accounts. VPS is like set of different buildings having its own power and flexibility, connected with the main server. VPS hosting is step ahead of shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Now its time to give a complete control to your website, no sharing, more security, and the power beat shared and VPS hosting. But it can empty your pocket, it is expensive because you are renting the main stand alone server. But the price can be worth if you have the kind of business which has a lot of traffic. You can have the best uptime for your website less worry about site going down, a unique IP a needed option for e-commerce sites. You can customize it any how you want, according to your website needs.